Restrictions are being lifted… Now what?

What a year 2020 has been and we are only half way through. Surely its only up hill from here right?

The pandemic caused event cancellations, bought marketing campaigns to holt and forward planning was like flipping a coin. Your guess is as good as mine!!  Nobody knew what was going to happen and how long this whole thing was going to last? Let’s be honest… we still don’t.  Now some restrictions are being lifted and slowly but surely normal life is creeping back in, its the perfect time to forward plan for your future events, campaigns and promotions. The time is now while things are slowly picking up to put the time that we do not usually have into nailing your marketing plan for the next fin year.

How can Minc help? Well it goes without saying we love a tighter than tight deadline and we will never say no to a challenge but the truth is the more time we have up our sleeve the more creative we can be and the more time we have enables us to source the best possible price for your product. One of the things that sets Minc apart is our creativity and our ability to source the weird, the wacky and the never done before! We absolutely love a brief and we love the time to be able to come up with that WOW! product the fits the budget. Whether it is a gift with purchase, prizes, giveaways, event merchandise, branded apparel or welcome kit for staff we love briefs in all shapes and sizes.

Right now lets be real. We are quieter than usual. Most of us are. We are even starting a Minc tik tok 😉  So let us share with you some of our more creative custom product, where we nailed the brief because time was in our favour. Below are some key advantages to planning these products in advance

·       We get to pitch a bunch of options that fit your brief

·       We have time to narrow it down to the perfect fit for your campaign/promotion.

·       We can provide a range of artwork options

·       We have time to do samples to make sure you are happy with the product before we go to mass production

·       We have more time for production which means we can source from our office in China or one of our other offshore partners in America and India to name a few. This         = cost efficiency and #nostress.

I encourage you to look at some of our custom work in the case study section of our website:

Or our Instagram

Think Pizza ovens, inflatable flamingos, Bluetooth esky and foosball tables. Whilst we can help with the classic branded cap or branded pen we will try and do these as creatively as possible too.

Send us your marketing plans, your future calendar of events and let us do the hard work for you. Like we said things can only go up from here. So let’s make next years promotional products the most successful yet. Marketing has never been so important.

Megan Lang, General Manager at Minc