Here a Mask, there a Mask, Everywhere a MASK MASK!

To wear a mask or not to wear a mask that is the question?

The latest answer is yes. Even Donald is wearing a mask now. So, if don’t have masks organised for your staff or clients reach out to us because we have a large range of mask options for you along with sanitiser, gloves and wipes.

The Australian government came out last week and made the recommendation for people to wear masks where social distancing isn’t possible. They have also recommended the use of reusable cloth masks that can be washed in between uses, which is much more practical than the medical grade KN95 masks previously recommended as these are single use or can only be used a couple of times.

Although we cannot give advice on which mask you should wear or when. We can offer a large range of options suitable for different purposes such as medical and recreational.

The cotton cloth masks which is reusable and washable is comfortable and has a large print area. We can also do a custom woven tag on the inside as a more discrete branding option (min qty orders apply). The cotton cloth masks have become somewhat of a fashion statement with some large fashion brands designing their very own. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your brand out there while offering people a product that will reduce the spread of Covid19 and keep us all a little safer.

We also have a more affordable polyester face mask option which can be fully customized with an edge to edge full colour print, they come with comfortable elastic ear loops.

The top of the range options are the single use TGA approved medical grade K95 mask and the 3-ply surgical mask. These cannot be branded however they are proven to be much more protective. We have also been packaging these up with some branded custom promotional hand sanitisers and promotional anti-bacterial wipes in personal packs which are great for staff and client handouts.

Email us at for all your COVID19 protection needs.

Megan Lang, General Manager at Minc