Case Study – Rinnai Pizza Oven

Case Study

Rinnai Pizza Oven

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The Brief

For 5 years now we have been working with the fantastic team at Rinnai on a number of GWP projects. From drones, to earbuds to the featured pizza ovens. The Minc team travels the world and proactively pitches product to rinnai throughout the year. The Pizza ovens are just one of these example of product we pitched and Rinnai loved.


The Solution

Rinnai used the Pizza oven as a GWP and they were an absolute hit with the tradie audience. SO much so they ordered again! The beauty of these is all you need is a BBQ. The oven sits on the BBQ to cook the most delicious stone cooked pizzas. The ovens were unique, useful and a GWP that’ll last and who doesn’t love pizza?”


The Result

Testimonial: “The pizza ovens made for a successful promotion and the overall feedback from our clients was really positive. Thanks to the team at Minc for the ideas and producing another quality product yet again.”