Case Study – Contiki

Case Study

Contiki Mail-outs


The Brief

Contiki send us briefs on a regular basis to assist with merchandise they can use to launch there new brochures each year. It’s a mail out so the product needs to be compact, fit a budget and promote the destination they are featuring in their brochure. We love this kind of brief!


The Solution

Over the years we have produced many brochure launch products for Contiki but here are some of our favorites!


To help launch a new tour visiting the Bolivian salt flats we came up with the cutest inflatable! A bright pink flamingo. Native to the area and in inflatable form can hold a drink. These were perfect as they were mailed out flat and inflated by the recipient.


Everybody loves a photo prop so we produced a range of these (totally instagram worthy) hand held props for Contiki's USA tour. Our graphic designer even created the amazing artwork!


To help launch the new USA brochure for Contiki and in particular the wild wild west of the USA we produced a sheriffs badge and cowboy bandana for Contiki.. again perfect products for a mail out.


The Result

Our products for Contiki's various mail outs have been featured in social media posts, used in competitions and Contiki continue to order these products year on year.